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Repairing Bad Credit

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Credit Problems

Credit problems are usually caused during a time period, several months or even years in succession, during which an individual or couple experience financial difficulties that were impossible to control. Late payments on credit cards, auto loans and/or other consumer debt can occur throughout a time period resulting in one, several or many accounts showing up derogatory on a credit report. Credit problems can be caused by an event, a period of problem time, a single occurrence of cash flow problems; or a string of events causing cash flow problems.

The right mortgage underwriting can take this into consideration. If a credit report shows good credit prior to the problem, and if there is an explanation for why credit will be good in the future, intelligent mortgage underwriting should provide a fair and reasonably priced home loan.

Income Problems

Income problems are often caused by misfortune. Illness, loss of a family member, lapse of employment, career loss; and/or self employment issues can produce a devastating effect on a person’s income, cash flow and credit. Usually, people that have experienced financial hardship as a result of income problems simply need a fresh start.

Extenuating circumstances, “outside of your control”, can be an explainable cause, and if there is a realistic expectation that the problems have been resolved, the right lenders will often provide a home loan with a reasonable and fair rate for the home owner; often regardless of prior income problems, or problem credit.

No Income Check and/or Non Provable Income

“No Income Check” and “Non Provable Income” home loans and mortgages are often used for borrowers to close fast when proving income is either too complicated or time consuming.